Petition against the BCI Press Release dated 09.06.2020

The Press release dated 09.06.2020 with regard to conduct of examination after reopening of the colleges/Institutions is unaccommodating.

As per the press release, point no. 4, the students have to appear in the examination to clear the previous semester subjects while studying the subjects of the semester to which they have been promoted, both at the same time. The decision would pressurise the students to put excessive efforts resulting in mental agony and stress. All the law students are currently undergoing compulsory internship as a part of the academic curriculum and students are very less likely to manage their studies with the ongoing internship programs.

Moreover, the press release also mentions about the promotion on the basis of performance of the previous year’s marks and marks obtained in the internal examination of the current year. If the promotion is based upon students’ past performance and the evaluation holds significant weightage, the conduct of exams after reopening of the colleges doesn’t seem appropriate.

Instead, other measures can be taken in lieu of conducting the examination, before the reopening of colleges, such as writing a project report or assignment provided the universities be directed to maintain the highest academic standard while ensuring the measures imposed.

Therefore, we have started this petition to BCI for withdrawal of press release issued dated 09.06.2020.

You can Sign the Petition Here